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XpressHempCBD is a family business based out of Kamloops, BC. Prior to becoming involved with CBD, we have spent a life time learning about and using Natural Medicinal Plants as remedies for any and all health relates issues our family has faced. My wife Lisa, is educated in Nutrition and Herbology. Like a Shaman of the past, when presented with an illness or ailment,  she looks in her large chest of dried plant materials, tinctures, and prepared oils to prepare a natural remedy for the situation. Our sons have grown to adulthood rarely ever having any form of Pharmaceutical or Over the Counter Medication. We firmly believe in the philosophy of “taking your health into your own hands”. It’s your body and the only one you will ever have so learn how to take good care of it.
For our family, using natures gifts to support good health happened because Lisa has spent a lifetime leaning about and using natural medicals that we pick from the forests and fields. The average person who has not been exposed to this world often finds it overwhelming to understand all the many many plants and their benefits. Typically an ailment will require a very specific plant prepared in a very specific way to be effective. This can be very challenging if you do not have the knowledge or come by it naturally.
CBD is an amazing natural health supplement that has proven time again to promote good health. It does this by introducing Cannaniboids into your Endocannabanoid System, your third Primary System, that supports your AutoImmune and Central Nervous Systems.  It opens a 2-way communications with these systems in an effort to help the body create a remedy and resistance to various health ailments. CBD has gained an excellent reputation for assisting with a wide range of conditions, some of which are:
• Arthritis Pain
• Anti-Depression
• Anti-Anxiety
• Anti-Inflammation
• Anti-Seizure
• Blood Pressure
• Cancer
• Depression
• Energy Balance
• Epilepsy
• Inflammation
• Pain Relief
• Stress
• Sleep Disorder
• Substance Abuse and Dependence
We have had the good fortune of seeing first hand how Hemp Derived CBD has improved the lives of both people and animals alike. We take great pride in the products we make and have a sense of fulfillment by providing something that improves the lives of peoples and animals.
We hope we can improve yours.


Thanks for visiting, we appreciate it.

The Xpresshempcbd team.


Safety and regulation

We use the highest quality CBD isolate sourced from the U.S from an accredited facility, and we take cleanliness and sanitary measures seriously when crafting everyone of our products.

For information on regulation compliance and what we are doing to educate our of-age customers about CBD and developments in the industry go to our see our Health and Education page. (Note none of these where written by theXpresshempCBD team we do not claim the rights to the information presented).


Thank you for visiting us.

Thanks for visiting, we appreciate it. We welcome any questions on how CBD could help you, please reach out.

The XpresshempCBD team.

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